Active Engagement – Why this practice now?

As we are all aware, organizations are under tremendous pressure today, trying to deliver real value, in a global, interdependent and more complex world.  Success depends on the ability to integrate interests, and work in a collaborative manner.

We now understand the need for higher order personal skills not only in policy content, knowledge or direction, challenging as that is, but also in the human factor of engagement practices across complex, often competing systems. MORE

Attend the 4 day Immersion Intro in September!

Described as “the best leadership training I’ve attended,” and “Life-changing” by multiple participants, please join us September 26-29 for the next Active Engagement ‘Mindful Leadership’ training session at the Varscona Hotel on Whyte Ave. MORE


Active Engagement Practicum 2016 UPDATE! 


In response to widely divergent currency rates, we have chosen to set a CAD annual tuition ceiling of $5,000 CAD, ($10,000 total for the 2 years). The AE Practicum was originally priced at the US equivalent course cost in 2011 when exchange rates were at parity or slightly advantageous to the Loonie.


Who is the Centre for Contemplative Dialogue?

*This website is provided by the nonprofit Centre for Contemplative Dialogue.  The Centre for Contemplative Dialogue’s mission is to serve individuals and institutions  in more effectively achieving their goals and serving their missions through the practice of Active Engagement®/Contemplative Dialogue®.

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